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My first blog

Welcome to my new site

            My name is Pattamon or you can call me Bee.

                        I love travelling so I go to the new places that I never met before every year.  So I will save my memories in this blog. Let’s go with me!!!

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Visiting Egypt was an unforgettable experience, from the pick up at the airport right up to drop off and assistance to get home. From day one I felt safe and at home, welcomed with open arms by our guide, Momo. We were advised of what to expect when visiting places, as well as a reasonable price of goods. When visiting various temples we were given wonderful information, at Philae we even had an improve to play guided by Momo to help understand where the gods and goddesses fit into the picture. We were treated and made to feel like a temporary family and lasting friendships were formed. I was also given the opportunity to extend my trip and Momo as well as on the go went out of their way to make this happen. I was very sad to leave Egypt and the tour as it became a second home and family. The sites were breathtaking, the people were so welcoming and I would recommend this tour to anyone.

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2 Weeks in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto and More)

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The following is a summary of my two week trip to Japan. I flew into Narita Airport outside of Tokyo, and then spent 6 days in Tokyo, 4 days in Kyoto, a day each in Nagoya, Osaka and Hiroshima.


In Tokyo, I mostly just wandered around and saw the city. It’s an amazingly large place and always crowded, but it can be a lot of fun. I was staying in Ginza, which is a high-end shopping district to the south-east of Tokyo train station, but I don’t think it really matters where you stay as all areas are pretty accessible by Tokyo metro.


Kyoto’s main attraction for tourists is the large number of temples, shrines and castles that are there. There are over 2,000 sites, and many of them are UNESCO heritage sites. The crowds can be pretty thick, though. The best bet is to arrive at places right at the opening hour, and get ahead of the bus tourists.


I spent one day in Nagoya, and during the day had one task in mind – the Nagoya Basho Sumo Tournament at the Aichi Prefecture Gymnasium. This sumo tourney takes place for 3 weeks in July (first Sunday to the third Sunday). Tickets are ¥2700 ($US 27), and can be bought at the door. If you go during the week in the first couple weeks of the tourney, you should be able to get tickets without any issues. The last week and the weekends are pretty busy. The 2700 Yen tickets allow you general admission, which means you can sit anywhere someone isn’t sitting. This allows you to get right up close and see the action, plus get some great pictures.


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